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Michael Weintraub 

Cherry Blossoms

after the spring rains
the cherry blossoms appear
in a chinese vase
in front of the mirror
reflecting something
I have always known
like a zen poem
all the disconnected words
of my life
form into a whole
perfectly composed

each delicate petal
falling in love with life
dissolves into me--
the Poem that I truly AM
has no boundary
and therefore no end

Michael Weintraub

Here I Am

today my hands
burst into flowers
cherry blossoms and magnolias
everywhere--here I am--
amidst the daffodils
and huge white clouds
so sharply etched
against the cool blue sky
and deep green of my skin
my feet stretch out
into mountains
still held in the clasp
of winter's incorruptible snow

all around looking
    into wonder
        Here--I AM

Michael Weintraub
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