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George Schloss 

Death and Resurrection

This is the book of my death.
I should have saved my breath
And, losing my looks for the good,
Invested in widowhood.
Instead, I kept my head
Who took me for his bride
And never left my side
But left me cold in bed.
This is the way I died.
He held me by the hand -
And said I'd understand;
Then hung me on a wall
In a mirror six-foot small.

This is the book of my life,
How I made a new man a good wife,
As I stole from the I of the law
To the I my image saw
And begetting my father, a mother
(Redeeming a woman undone),
Gave birth to yours truly, none other,
And delivered the body, a son.

George Schloss

On Having No Head

(for Douglas Harding)

Seeing I died
Dying to see
If the secret inside
Corresponded with me -
If you happen this way
And are tempted to look
Or, better yet, sample
And happily stay,
Go buy the book.
I'm a living example.

George Schloss

The Recipe

God's god is me,
So infinite his courtesy
To lead the way
(Divining who I am,
His flesh and blood)
And show me how to play
The sacrificial lamb
I slay and serve me first
With this His recipe - as food
Rehearses hunger, water thirst.

George Schloss

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