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Charlie Cavanagh

In Love

Everything is deep in love, this love has all things in
I disappear in favour of my end and so begin
In love all things come self aware and always moving through
Love that's always being both container and the view

Without a Head

Not a speck of personality, no habits, no desire
Not even my own absence a‎s a something I require
No breath is ever taken, no‎ stance is ever made
Not once a secret yearning for is‎ summoned to be prayed
Without a head is looking, w‎ithout a head is seen
From where there is no head is where I'v‎e always ever been


I think that I do not belong to anyone at all
I'm free to see by everyone, the short, the norm, the tall
Regardless of the situation, magnitude of mood
When I've looked I've always seen from where all that is viewed

I see both seer and the seen by seeing nothing here
Exactly where I am is where my absence is so clear
Only with this simple sight are all things in me true
I think that I belong to everyone including you

All My Kisses

Your lips are all my kisses and your smile is what I do
You are my appearance as do I appear to you
Your conversation is uniquely meaningful in sound
You are how I claim this space as mine yet common ground
It’s with your hand that I hold yours and walk the setting sun
How we are each other’s eyes is how we are the one
The wonder of your beauty lies in nothing to compare
As nothing you have I and I have everything you share

My Hands

These hands of mine I wonder if they're no more mine than yours
For when we touch there's only you in all of what explores‎
My hands completely vanish when I comb them through your hair
The finest threads of softness come completely self aware‎
They flow adrift an emptiness and lay within this space 
Entangled in a singular, present tense embrace‎

A Man I've Never Seen

I simply can not fathom not to have this man I know
Yet I've never really met the person others say is so
They say I mix in many circles, mingle crowd to crowd
Yet who's the I they speak of when we laugh in me out loud?
I have the man I've never met but know of thanks to you
I do my best to tell of what for me at least is true
There is a man, he is on show but never have I seen
I think of him like others in this space where they have been
And so too does the trail head flow of moss and root bound stone
Where the footsteps of appearance meet with imprints of their own


Today I made a beverage and I watched the spoon I stirred
Doubled cups that went around while clearly they were blurred
The cups sized up three times as large the counter fell away
Tastes of coffee sipping with a lip of fired clay


Two owls called across the old-field from ridge to ridge, each from the same place as the other and the faint clatter of rails traveling by a train and the moons white crescent, sitting beside the rest of itself, near circular and darker than the early morning sky. My place. 


I'm hiking a deep kind of spiritual retreat
I have my two shoes and I can't find my feet
'Cause that's how it goes‎
When I wiggle my toes
Wool firmed in comfort with just the right heat

Talking With My Dog

Was talking with my dog today, she said she understood
But when I asked please sit and stay, it did me little good
So I placed myself in her delight and watched the land and sky
Fly around and in plain sight, a tail locked in my eye
And all the while I saw her spin a stillness came to be
From where I looked a playful grin was something inside me

Save As

There is not a save as, delete or undo
In this place from where I am looking into
No time to make edit
No face to take credit
Just plain and clear and obviously true

Charlie Cavanagh

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