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Janey Francis 

In Wonder

I am blown apart at the seams -
wide open. Everyone I meet
falls into me with an immediacy
that is startling in its intensity.
I am vastness condensed
into the humanity of my body.
Nothing can contain me
as I contain everything.
I am boundless and boundaried,
embarrassed by my immensity.
My life is an ongoing mystery
and I stand, in wonder, at its heart.

Janey Francis

The Ground

Wandering in my own borderlands
I am determined not to turn back
to the lands of Self-denial and self-punishment
that lie behind me and beckon with their familiarity.
The path ahead is shrouded in unknowing
and my feet falter as they tread the untrod ground.
Yet this is my Ground that I am reclaiming,
Ground that was not lost, but simply forgotten,
and sometimes disowned because of its magnificence.

Janey Francis
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