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Cattis Bergqvist


Something much bigger
Much bigger than me
is making me shiver
'cause there's No-thing to see

Something much bigger
A Source deep and wide
is pulling me down
and I'm lost in the ride

Something so silent
is here deep inside
Can't be explained
yet, can't be denied

Life is so liquid
Flows from the Dark
Life is the Mother
Her womb ignites the Spark

A flash in the moment
I come and I go
How to describe me
when no trace I show?

In something much bigger
I'm lost and I'm found
This Dance of Life
goes around and around.

Cattis Bergqvist


In the Centerless Center
everything's floating
washed through by
the no-thing of Seeing-Being

The diver dissolves
into the Diving Itself

Unrestrained and released
the Depth is pulling
and I'm flushed Empty

...reveals the Seeing that there is
nothing to lose
This is the Silent Giggle!

Cattis Bergqvist


I'm out of business
'cause I've lost my face
There is no joy no more
in this pointless chase

Treasures and garbage
I've carried on my back
Now everything is lost
Bankrupcy is a fact

I'm out of business
The office is burned
The archives in ashes
Nothing was learned

I'm out of business
Can't run another race
Nothing more to buy or sell
I've closed my case

I'm out of business
Investments gone to hell
So who is singing this song? one can tell.

Cattis Bergqvist

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