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Humble Gateways into Vastness

Richard Lang - Sunday, October 24, 2010
We had a workshop yesterday afternoon here in my home in London (23/10/10). 16 people came. I found myself describing the pointing experiment as 'leading people up the garden path'! The path, from the feet upwards, leads to a threshold, the 'bottom line', the place where your body disappears into vastness... Here is a gateway. Step through that gateway and you enter the greatest of palaces. Douglas Harding sometimes talked about these experiments being humble gateways. He was brought up a Christian and sometimes used Christian imagery - Christ, God in human form according to that tradition, was born in a manger, in the humblest of conditions. Well, the source has now given us these humble experiments, so easily dismissed as 'children's games', as gimmicks - what could be simpler than pointing your finger, or easier for society to dismiss as silly if not stupid, and certainly not deep! - certainly they could never lead us to God... But put aside this social derision, our embarassment, our 'adult knowing' and 'maturity' and employ these humble pointers, and discover that they really do guide us all the way 'up the garden path' into vastness, into our eternal Home, into our One Self.

Slovakia - photos

Richard Lang - Friday, October 15, 2010
Here's three photos of the workshop in Slovakia. (9/10/10)


Richard Lang - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
On Saturday (9/10/10) I gave a workshop near Bratislava - 2 hours at a local town fair, with about 100 people. The experiments are such effective tools for sharing our One Self. Non-verbal - so it's not essentially about understanding, important and necessary as understanding is, but about experience. The experiments make this experience instantly available. And because the experiments are so clean and clear, it's easy to communicate what we are seeing when we look at the place where others see our faces... So, lots of good reactions going on in the group. I had a translator who was already aware of headlessness. 

Then we travelled three hours east to give a two day workshop at a centre for ecological awareness/teaching, in the country. A small group, but a very good workshop - non-verbal awareness of the One Self within all beings!


Richard Lang - Wednesday, October 06, 2010
What a wonderful time I had in Moscow. (Workshops: 2-3 Oct 2010) There are so many headless Seers in Moscow! It is a delight to share the View with them! Such good friends. I look forward to going back.

Whilst I was there Rada, who has translated my experiments film, 'Who Are We Really?' into Russian, helped me put the Russian subtitles in. We nearly finished it. So, that should be available soon on Youtube.

I'm back in the UK now. (6/10/10) I've put my short video, 'Stepping into the Void' back on Youtube now.

In Moscow

Richard Lang - Saturday, October 02, 2010
I'm enjoying being in Moscow for a few days. (2/10/10) Two evenings already, leading dance workshops, and spending the days with headless friends. Today and tomorrow, a headless workshop. Back to the UK on Monday.

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