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Sweden Workshop

A few years ago, a friend in Sweden, Mac, sent me a film of Douglas Harding giving a talk, and workshop, in Sweden in 1992. I made it available on DVD, and now it is available on demand, via the website and our channel. Then last year a friend, Danielle, volunteered to transcribe it so that I could make it available with subtitles. Danielle has just sent me the transcription for the first 30 minutes, and this evening I've been adding the English subtitles to the film. I'm 14 minutes into the film, and it's inspiring. I'm just pausing to voice my feeling about Douglas' presentation! In fact, earlier in the week I looked at the film of the Melbourne Lecture and Workshop which Douglas did the previous year in Australia. In his eighties, Douglas was firing on all cylinders. I highly recommend both of these films. I was looking at the Melbourne Lecture because I was wondering if we had it with a French translation. I found one - so I'll be uploading that, once Catherine Harding has checked it. And when I've put in the English subtitles, with Danielle's further help, I'll send the English transcript to Catherine and she is going to translate it into French. What a delight to be part of a team like this. Anyway, go and buy the videos :-)

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