The Headless Way
A method of self-enquiry
pioneered by Douglas Harding
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Ongoing Workshops and Contacts

The role of workshop leaders in a headless workshop is to point you back to who you really are. You are the sole and final authority on you, not the workshop leaders! Hopefully they will inspire you, but they are in no position to say what and who you are right where you are, for only you are there. They can, using the experiments, help direct attention to that secret place within each of us, but each of us must look for ourselves. And when we have looked, and re-discovered what is so obvious, we ourselves can share it with others! (There are no 'authorised' workshop leaders.) 

Workshops 2017
March 11. San Francisco, with David Lang. 2pm to 4:30pm. More information.  
March 12, Bremen, Germany, with Luc Vermeeren. More information
April 23, Sunday, Lelystad, Netherlands, with Karin Visser. Contact Karin.

Paris: 1st/3rd Tuesday/month, 8:30pm. With Jose le Roy. Tel: 01 40 54 09 86 or  
Volte & Espace – a French site created by Jean-Marc Thiabaud sharing the headless way.
France - other workshops, contact

San Francisco (downtown). Occasional workshops, Saturday afternoons, 2-4:30pm, with David Lang. Contact David to register and to get details of location. Website information

Denver. Contact Joseph Wagner

Ghent, Belgium. Every 4th Tuesday of the month. More informationContact
Perth/Fremantle Australia: Second Saturday every month, 3-5pmContact Sam or (08) 9336 3738
Regular meetings in Dublin. Contact Colm. Meeting information
Richard Lang
Bromyard, Herefordshire, UK, every 3rd Sunday in the month. Contact Brian for details.
East Anglia, UK – Anne Seward:
South Wales – Judy Bruce: 01792 233 580 or
Holland - Headless Cafe
Regular workshops in Lelystad/Amsterdam. Information.
Germany - headless workshops with Karin Visser and Nishkam. Contact Nishkam.   
Munich: - Patrick Suthor. Tel: 089 / 71 90 92 15
Prague workshops with Joshi. Details
Stockholm. 1st Sunday each month, 4pm. Contact: Olof: 0703952645 or 
Contact Luis Granados:  See Facebook.
Also - Ernesto Frutos
Contact Yossi Morgenstern 
Occasional workshop in Vancouver. Contact Cameron
Perth/Fremantle Australia: Second Saturday every month, 3-5pmContact Sam or (08) 9336 373
Sydney, Australia: Contact: or (02)94197394.
South Australia (Adelaide): Robert Penny - 08 8260 7734, or
Tokyo: occasional workshops:

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