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Interview with Spanish subtitles

A Spanish friend, Diego Merino, has translated into Spanish the interview I did with Douglas Harding in 2001. I've now uploaded both interviews to the Video-On-Demand page. Where you will find lots of videos, with and without subtitles. I have spent a lot of time adding subtitles to this film (English, Spanish, French, Japanese) so I know it well – apart from the fact that I did the interview in the first place! I've also edited it into many short video reflections which are available on our YouTube channels - here's a link to the English language one. And every time I watch this interview I am inspired. What a deep, broad-minded, humorous, eloquent man Douglas was – and original. Astonishingly and refreshingly original. He takes seriously what he sees, and what he doesn't see – you would think most people do but they don't... And then he shows how taking seriously your own first person view of yourself leads to all kinds of important implications in every area of your life. Each time I watch this video, and each time I look afresh at my own Self, I am re-inspired.

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