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Reflections on living from Capacity

4 stages of life

I've uploaded another video - The Four Stages of Life. I spent a couple of days working on this. This is an idea of Douglas Harding's. The idea involves looking at our personal development in terms of where we see ourselves from. The baby only sees itself from its own point of view - headless. The child is beginning to see itself from the viewpoint of others - with a head. But is not yet fully identified with this viewpoint - it's default position, so to speak, is still, more or less, the original headless one. The adult is fully committed to the external view - 'I am what I look like' - and dismisses the validity of the original headless view. The fourth stage of the seer is where you re-instate the original headless viewpoint, accepting it's validity - and then, with fresh eyes, discovering how important and meaningful it is. This fourth stage develops naturally from the adult stage, and really is everyone's birthright. If you don't go on to the fourth stage you are missing something important.

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