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Looking Into Time From The Timeless

Commentary by Richard Lang

See a video presentation of this experiment

Look at your watch. There is the face of time. The hands move round, marking out the passing of the hours and minutes. All is change there.

Look in at yourself – no face here. No lines or wrinkles here marking out the passing of the hours, or days or years in this place. There’s no change here – no date on this One.

Bring the watch right up to you – it disappears. Time there gives way to the timeless here.

Point at a clock face with one index finger and at your timeless no-face with the other. Time there to no time here.

What time it is depends on where you are in the world. If it is midday in London, then it is seven in the morning in New York, four in the morning in San Francisco, midnight in New Zealand… The world has its time zones.

What time is it right where you are?

In this ‘zone’ there is no time at all. Here in the middle of all the time zones you are the Timeless One – always timeless, yet always full of time.

All things bear the marks of time. Things get worn down, crack and break, faces get wrinkles, bodies stiffen, eyes don’t see so well, ears don't hear so well… But do you find any of the marks of time in your true being? I don't. My no-face is as wrinkle-free now as the day I was born? Or not born! My no-body is still perfectly flexible, my silence perfectly audible, my Eye perfectly clear...


What an instant resource, as awesome as it is intimate and as mysterious as it is available, we have right here! What a medicine against death, what an everlasting refuge, lies at our very heart, visibly expanding to take in and take care of everything! And given NOW in its fullness and depth – however incompetent or undeserving we may be, whatever our mood and just when we need it most! Douglas Harding

If you are getting old, what is the medicine? Just live where there is nothing to get old. The chap in the mirror is ageing rapidly. Ain't so here. Douglas Harding

A man who really and truly enters his Ground feels as though he has been there throughout Eternity. Tauler

Rejoice in God all the time, says St. Paul. He rejoices all the time who rejoices above time and free from time. Meister Eckhart

The Now-moment in which God made the first man and the Now-moment in which the last man will disappear, and the Now-moment in which I am speaking are all one in God, in whom there is only one Now. Meister Eckhart

Nothing so much hinders the soul’s understanding of God as time and space. Time and space are parts of the whole but God is one. So if the soul is to recognize God, it must do so beyond space and time. Meister Eckhart

Before Abraham was I am. Jesus

Continue with another experiment.

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