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Sam Blight - Sunday, July 01, 2018
Headless Way American Gathering 
Four-Day Residential Retreat August 19-23, 2018 
Breitenbush Hot Springs 

The Headless Way with Richard Lang
Over the past six decades a contemporary Way of-seeing one's Nature• or "Enlightenment" has 
developed. It is in essence the same as Zen, Sufism, and other disciplines. This Way offers a practical,
user-friendly approach to SH-ing Who you truly are. It contends that one is more likely to see their true
identity in a minute of active experimentation than in years of reading, lecture-attending, and traditional passive meditation. 

Four-Day Residential Retreat
This four day experiential retreat will guide participants through awareness exercises which allow for 
the experience of the true n:atwe of being. Come and discover this beautiful, deep truth about your indisputable Identity. And then go on rediscovering it in daily life

Spend four days in the company of others who See who they truly are at the breathtakingly beautiful Breitenbush Retreat and Conference Center. The venue is located on 154 acres of wildlife sanctuary in the Willamette National Forest, of the Oregon Cucade Mountains.

Dates. August 19-23, 2018 

Cost: $350 plus lodging

Registration: To register call 503.854.3320 (limited space please register early) 

Information: Contact Sequoia:

Journey to the Centre of the Youniverse

Sam Blight - Friday, June 22, 2018
A story by Douglas Harding.

Written in the 1970s, now published for the first time. Available on Amazon

"I'm a traveller from a very long way off. It's not that I'm lost. But it's a long story...

"And then, suddenly, from the side pocket of his long overcoat, he produced that fabulous thing. It came out small, a mere bud which immediately o pened out in his hand like a flower. He set it up on the table between us. It was a flower with curious and gorgeous petals, an onion with bright painted skins and a crystal core, a ship-a-sailing with all eight spinnakers bellying in the wind. He called it his Deep Map, in contrast to the flat maps people use, and said that without it we wouldn't follow his adventures at all. He explained that it showed clearly where he came from and was going to, and the scenes of his adventures with the terrible Wormwolf. It revealed a living Space-dweller the regular astronomers hadn't discovered yet, and gave glimpses into the lands of the Gnomes and the Goblins and the Elves. And in fact it was a record of his great Space Probe, his journey to the very Centre of the world. He called this strange chart of his Youniverse, spelt Y o u n i v e r s e; and he said it was his Magic Tool Chest, or Wizard's Bag of Tricks. Armed with this device, why anyone could ..."

And so begins a story that takes you all the way to the centre of the Youniverse. It is a story that transforms you in the process and reveals the greatest of all treasures, hidden in plain sight.

This is a dramatic tale, a wild dream, at times a nightmare, at times a hilarious and subversive satire. It involves a quest, a monster and a shape-shifting hero, strange characters and dangerous goings-on, and an end that is a beginning--the tightest corner of Hell opening out into the widest smile of Heaven, the darkest of nights turning into the early morn ing freshness of the world. Are you prepared to wrestle with the angel till dawn? Only those that go the whole way will find the Whole.

Open to the Source

Sam Blight - Friday, June 22, 2018
“Seeing Who I am is a strangely physical experience. It is like an energy; it is like an empowering, a physical tone, an uplift, a rootedness, courage, a faring forth into the world. It is enlivening.” Douglas Harding

Douglas Harding (1909–2007), author of On Having No Head, saw Who he really was in 1943. He then spent the rest of his long life sharing the experience and the meaning of Who we really are.

Harding’s unique method of awakening to the Source, of seeing your True Self, appeals first and foremost to your own unmediated experience of yourself. It is original, effective, direct, and practical.

The quotations in Open to the Source are selected by Richard Lang, a close friend of Harding’s for more than forty-five years. The artfully designed arrangement of beautiful photographs and inspiring words invite the reader to see the Source and to live from the Source.
Open this book whenever the spirit moves you and be inspired!

Available on Amazon

Free Artwork Downloads

Sam Blight - Sunday, March 11, 2018

Now available for free download for personal use are several items of artwork produced to promote the Headless Way. These can be used to print posters, tee shirts, etc.

Click Here

For future reference the link can be found in the "Images" sub-menu.


Salisbury Gathering 2018

Sam Blight - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Bookings are now open for the 2018 Salisbury Gathering, a residential workshop to explore the Headless Way in everyday life and how to share it.

We invite you to come and celebrate the simple and accessible truth that our reality is not what it appears to be when we look in a mirror, and to explore what difference this might make.

2018 dates: Wednesday 18th July to Sunday 22nd July

For more information and book securely online or via post, click here>

Youniverse Explorer Movie

Sam Blight - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Richard Lang has created a short animation of a recent recreation of Douglas Harding's Youniverse Explorer model which you can view here:

The model can be purchased here>

And interactive tour of your layers of appearance based on the imagery and information from the Youniverse Explorer model can be found here>

New Version of Headless iTunes app now available

Sam Blight - Monday, December 18, 2017

Explore this portal into the Headless Way - a modern path to the one faceless Self we are all looking out of! Enjoy the many short video clips that are nowhere else available, be inspired by the randomly chosen quotations, do the experiments, read the articles, and set your alarm to remind you about your Self! If you enjoy this app, please support us by making a donation. This app took money, time and energy to produce – and was great fun!

On Having No Head Audio Book

Sam Blight - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Douglas Harding's classic break-out book, "On Having No Head" is now available as as audio book.

'Reason and imagination and all mental chatter died down... I forgot my name, my humanness, my thingness, all that could be called me or mine. Past and future dropped away... Lighter than air, clearer than glass, altogether released from myself, I was nowhere around.' Thus Douglas Harding describes his first experience of headlessness, or no self. First published in 1961, this is a classic work which conveys the experience that mystics of all times have tried to put words to.

Available for purchase here>

The Science of the First Person

Sam Blight - Sunday, November 05, 2017

Douglas Harding's classic book  "The Science of the First Person" is now available as a audio book, read by Richard Lang

Click Here for information and to purchase.

The book shows how "Enlightenment is more truly scientific than science itself; and that, without Enlightenment, science is only half the story and therefore full of contradictions, of insoluble problems both theoretical and practical. It shows how, when at last one turns one's attention round and ceases to overlook the Looker - the First Person at the near-end of one's microscope or telescope or spectacles - these contradictions are resolved.

Swedish Pages Now Up

Sam Blight - Thursday, October 12, 2017
Thanks to the efforts of Oloff Rehn this website now has a section which has been translated into Swedish. 

Pages include Hem & Experiment.

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