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On Having No Head

Audio book read by Richard Lang, available on Amazon


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Melbourne Lecture and Workshop

Douglas Harding

With humour and simplicity Harding gets his audience to question the as-if or conventional world which has replaced the as-is world with disastrous results.

100 minutes.

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Discovering Your True Self
Practical experiments for seeing Who you really are

Read by author Richard Lang

This is a practical guide to seeing your True Self. Using the breakthrough experiments invented by the philosopher Douglas Harding (author of On Having No Head), Richard Lang shows you how to see your divine identity, and illustrates the many practical benefits of this awareness in everyday life. Richard has been teaching this method for over 40 years. He is committed to making the experiments as widely available as possible so that anyone who wishes can see Who they really are.
Listen, do the experiments, and see for yourself – see Who you really are.

101 minutes

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Youniverse Explorer

Youniverse Explorer Introductory Talk

Doulas Harding

During the 1970s Douglas Harding designed the Youniverse Explorer model. We have now reproduced this model with modern images. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it introduces us to a profoundly new way of seeing ourselves.
This is Douglas Harding's spoken introduction to the model.

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