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Online Workshop

ONLINE WORKSHOP WITH RICHARD LANG. Sunday May 14 7pm––9pm London time.

Sharing this brilliant way of communicating about our true nature 😊



His combination of simplicity, enthusiasm, spontaneity, and sincerity render Richard an inestimable resource for Seeing Who You Really Are, as he titled his book. And I am left with profound joy and ease. I have done live and web-based workshops with him before. Then and now, they seem equally suitable for beginners and those like me who have some experience. Let's go again. And again. I will participate whenever I can.

Thoroughly enjoyed the event - thank you very much! Good fun. Enlightening. And for the cheap cost of the ticket, it was extremely good value! Richard is wonderful, and Amir also. Thank you both.  

This way of meeting up (nearly in real life) with Richard Lang, sharing and trying out the headless way for myself is perfect. I felt the breakout group was a nice addition for making the experience very practical.

Mind opening, thought-provoking, connecting and fun workshop! I will explore the method more.

I'm still smiling the morning after. This was a fun and happy experience for me, brilliant to do the experiments with others, to connect, to have space (be space) to see, hear and share Richard's wisdom and enthusiasm about the headless way. I feel lighter and have an optimism which has been missing from my life for quite some time. Huge thanks Richard and Amir :-)

Great workshop. Richard has excellent knowledge regarding Douglas Harding teachings. The workshop has developed according to my expectations. Very recommendable. Great workshop. I love the joyousness and directness of this approach, also well managed by Amir, thanks.

Delivered with ease and comfort with a well-versed and entertaining style. Informative and practical.

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