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Working together

There are several videos of Douglas Harding giving workshops or talks. A friend - Mack - sent me a video that was filmed in Sweden in 1992. Douglas was giving an evening talk - for almost two hours. The quality of the video, and the audio, is not great, but it's good enough. Douglas is inspiring. So I made that video available for download a while back. Now a good friend in the States, Danielle, has transcribed Douglas' words - a big job! Currently I'm finishing dividing up the text and adding it as English subtitles to the video - which makes it easier for friends who do not have English as a first language. At the same time, Catherine Harding is translating this text into French, so soon I'll be adding in the French subtitles. There's a team of us working together on the videos across the world. Tarsila in Mexico has just translated into Spanish my short video on The Four Stages of Life, and will soon be translating the interview Ben did with me in California last year at the SAND conference. And Yuko in Tokyo is going to translate more of our videos into Japanese. And the friends working on the videos are just the tip of the iceberg. Many other friends are part of this endeavour, working on the website, publishing books and ebooks, telling their friends about Seeing... And our video hangouts now have a presence in Russia with Lana doing live translation for a short course we are giving. We are all working (playing) together to make more widely available this wonderful, simple, accessible Vision of who we all really are. 

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