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Graphic biography update

Three years ago a friend, Victor, and I began a graphic biography of Douglas Harding. It was Victor's idea. Victor had seen my film about the life and ideas of Douglas Harding and suggested the graphic biography version. Victor is an artist and has produced at least two graphic novels in the past. I agreed, not knowing at all what I was in for. It was my job to write the script, imagining each page, and Victor's job to do the artwork - and contribute ideas of course. It has been a journey and a half! A big challenge, and great fun. Now of course, one of the landscapes we travel through is when Douglas wrote The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth, is magnum opus. I love this book, and wanted to communicate some of the ideas in this book. Which we did – at least, in the first draft of the book. But after showing what we had done to friends, we realised that we had gone too deeply into the ideas. This section of the book was a moment when readers got bogged down and lost the momentum of the story. So lately we have been revising these pages, communicating the ideas with scenes from Douglas' life rather than the maps and diagrams we had used before. We have nearly completed the revision. I think it's much better. 

The book is about 100 pages long at the moment, illustrating Douglas life from cradle to grave. We have more revising to do, so it will take us a few more months. But I'm looking forward to the moment when we have it right and are able to share what we have done with everyone.

The pages illustrating The Hierarchy that we have not used have come in useful. Obviously it was part of the process. We had to go through that stage. We had to realise the appropriate level at which to pitch the ideas. But last year, 2014, at the Salisbury Gathering, I gave a talk on the Hierarchy and used some of the images we had created for our book, but which we have now taken out. So in fact they came in useful in that way. The film of that talk – I illustrated it afterwards in a video with lots of images – on our youtube channel

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