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As I See It

Behind the scenes we are busy! Our aim is to make available all of Douglas Harding's writings, both as paperbacks and ebooks. We are working steadily with this goal in mind. The 'we' being friends around the world, but in particular Mary in Western Australia who tirelessly co-ordinates our many volunteers and then designs the books, with much help from her husband Sam. One of the books in the pipeline is a collection of essays by Douglas Harding. During the summer I spent a month going through all of Douglas' papers to work out which essays he had written that we had not so far published - currently we have three collections of essays - Look For Yourself, To Be And Not To Be, and The Turning Point. I was aware there were many others, so I looked through all the papers I have here at home and compiled a final collection which gathers together everything not yet published. This will be a special edition in the sense that it will include essays spanning practically the whole of Douglas' writing life, including essays he wrote before he saw who he really was. Such a span reveals much about how Douglas' style developed. Our title for this collection is As I See It, and I am looking forward to sharing it. We are still in the early stages of getting it ready, but hopefully we will have everything ready sometime later this year.

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