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Reflections Course in Seeing - Feedback

I am enjoying the Reflections. Not so much because they bring me new insights, but because they remind me. Because they bring my attention back to this Place I never leave. Luc.

Thank you for the First Reflection.
I did the Pointing Experiment immediately and it produced the same result as described by other participants. What a simple beautiful approach to Reality. "I" look forward to your sending other Reflections and Experiments. Trevor.

I just want to say how grateful I am for these Course in Seeing e mails. I read Douglas' On Having No Head back last summer, and 'got it' but in a kind of raw state... I could see it but not sustain it nor see how to 'use' it. But over the months these emails take me back to the website, where I read more and more, and back to reading On Having No Head.... and more importantly to practice and experience. Mark.

Just thought I would tell you how much I appreciate the Reflections mailings that come so regularly. In particular, the latest, Total Seeing, was particularly timely for me. Receiving these e-mails makes me feel closer to the headless community. David.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how awesome the website is these days, and what a pleasure it is to receive the periodic updates from the e-course. Well worth the efforts you are putting in to this. Franca.

Thank you so much for the Reflections - Course in Seeing, which you have been sending to me for about six months now. Each reflection is excellent, inspiring and most of all a reminder to look from The One Eye. Mundane life gets in the way of remembering and the Reflections are a great reminder every few days. Tess.

Thank you very much for the Reflections. It helps me a lot to be in contact with the one I really am. Beat.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending Reflections. It's a time of considerable change and upheaval for me, and for the time being it's a very useful way of keeping in contact with my experience of Headlessness. Mark.

I am very glad I found your website, and Douglas Harding's work, when I did. An enormous source of strength and comfort. I look forward as always to the next reflection :-) H.S.

This is an amazingly wonderful Reflection. I especially appreciate the reminders of the different perspectives we respond from in 3rd person vs 1st person. Thank you so much. With Love, Linda

Just to let you know that I feel blessed to be able to receive and read your Reflections. Lajla

Just a quick word to say how much I appreciate receiving the Reflections and to congratulate you on your superb website.  I first came across On Having No Head in the very early 60s. ( I have since read everything by Douglas that I could lay my hands on.)  I regret very much that I never met him, though when I 'see' my own 'no-thingness' I feel it must be just like his, or yours, - a no-face to no-face meeting as t'were! Damien.

Thank you,  for your wonderful weekly "Reflections." I'm always delighted to see these reminders in my email inbox. Douglas' work has been such a gift to me, and I'm so grateful to you and others for sharing Seeing, reinforcing and developing what's always been there! B.

This one is wonderful! Everyone is as empty as I am... I create other peoples faces / appearance, they don't have it! To see others as walking spaces of conciousness. Feels like an amazing and important transformation of experience. It changes everything. Thanks, Orestes

I am enjoying the course very much, and the books I ordered, and the site, and this airy headlessness :-) O.

Thanks for sending the reflections... I enjoy receiving and reading them as I still require a constant reminder about reality... to come to it through the headless view was such a shock and funny as well.... having been a serious seeker for many years... loving the simplicity of it....and passing it on whenever I get a chance. Blessings. D.

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