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Interview with Sam Blight   

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Face to No-Face Films - this channel presents interviews with Seeing friends. You will find some of these interviews with subtitles on some of the above channels.

Video of Douglas Harding, with French introduction and French subtitles.

Russian WorkshopExtract from workshop with Richard Lang, recorded in November 2011 by Non-Duality Dorset.

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stepping into the void"Stepping into the Void (and living to tell the tale...)" Also with subtitles in: Greek, French.

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NEW! Click here to see a series of Experiments videos with Richard Lang


NEW! Click here to view a new excerpt from Douglas Harding's 1991 lecture given in Melbourne, Australia. Also with subtitles in FRENCH, GREEK, DUTCH




Still Point
Pointing Home
Where We Are One
Mirror Experiment
Time & Timeless
Layers Of Appearance
Douglas Harding

Richard Lang | ConsciousTV

Sam Blight | NeverNotHere

First Person Guitarist
First Person Pianist
First Person Conductor/Composer

On Having No Head
The 'as is' world
On love
Youniverse Explorer
Youniverse Set Up


A Conversation
Who Are You Really?
Sea of Nothingness


The Summer Gathering, Salisbury UK, 2009


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