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Reflections on living from Capacity

Nov 6

Richard Lang - Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We had a good day workshop in Oslo, October 13, organised by Eric. About 15 people. The following week I flew to Perth, where we filmed a day workshop, October 21. I'll be putting this on youtube when we've got it ready. Then I went on to California where I contributed in the Science and Non-Duality conference in San Rafael. And then on to Philadelphia for a day workshop on Nov. 4. So, it's been good to meet more people and share Seeing. For me, the social aspect of Seeing grows. On the one hand, it is seeing you are alone - the Alone. On the other hand, you see this with others, and explore this mystery with others. A delight. I have the feeling, and the hope, that this community of seers will continue to grow. One question that often comes up in a workshop is, how do you remain awake to this? Well, one way is to be around others who are valuing this. As the community of seers grows, so it gets easier to remember.

Film of Douglas Harding

Richard Lang - Saturday, October 06, 2012

Great to keep dropping in to the skype meetings - sharing with friends. The One speaking with itself about itself!

I've been working on a film of Douglas Harding's life for some time now - nearly two years, probably. On and off! It will be fairly long when I've finished - a couple of hours or so, I guess. But I decide a couple of days ago to make a short version - whilst I work on the longer one. So I've been doing that. We will see what comes out of the void!


Richard Lang - Sunday, September 30, 2012

I have given three workshops over the last three weekends - today in Coventry, England; last weekend in Washington DC; the weekend before in Germany. I am appreciating the fact that everyone sees who they really are. Today we did a number of experiments, and then spent the rest of the time sharing how it is to live from this space. Everyone is living from this space, but each person's experience and expression is different. What a joy to share our different experiences together. We are all equal in the sense we are all living from the same space. This is a new level of communication in a group. It is an evolution in the way that we are together - consciously appreciating our Oneness as well as our separateness.

Skype meetings

Richard Lang - Thursday, September 06, 2012

I've set up 8 one hour skype meetings this weekend, with 9 or 10 people in each. Takes a bit of organising!

Movement - test film

Richard Lang - Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Here's an initial idea for illustrating that individual things move within the Single Eye, but the Eye itself does not move - there's no background against which to track its movement. This is just a little test film. I'm going to develop it, and add voice etc.

Free skype video meetings

Richard Lang - Friday, August 31, 2012
Next weekend we are organising several free skype video group
meetings open to anyone interested in the headless way (if you have
skype, webcam etc). We will do some of the experiments and explore
how the headless experience works out in everyday life etc. Each
session will be one hour and to join you will need to book your
place. If you are interested, get in touch with me at

I will be present at each meeting, and will be joined by friends
already living the headless way. One consciousness, many voices!

The times of these meetings are below and are all London, UK, time
- so please calculate for yourself the time in your country...

The meetings will be:
Friday 2pm (Sept 7th)
Saturday 3pm (Sept 8th)
Saturday 4:30pm (Sept 8th)
Sunday 9am (Sept 9th)
Sunday 5pm (Sept 9th)

There will be a limit of 10 people for each session. If there are
more people wanting to join than there are places, we can set up a
few more meetings.

(A growing group of friends have been meeting together on skype
each week for about two years and we find it a wonderful way of
connecting up with others living consciously from who they really

I hope to meet you there, face to no-face!

Any questions, get in touch.

Warm regards,
Richard Lang


Richard Lang - Monday, August 20, 2012

I have interviewed on video three friends in the last three weeks - friends who value the headless way. I am struck how each person is different, how their 'take' on the headless way is unique. The three friends are Suvaco, a Buddhist monk; Sam, who takes care of the website design, and Rob, who is a teacher in Japan. I've already uploaded the interview with Suvaco to the FaceToNoFace channel on Youtube. I'll upload the others over the next couple of months or so.

I find myself inspired by each person I interview. 


Richard Lang - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great workshops in Denver and Colorado Springs. One more workshop this evening in Colorado Springs, then on to Raleigh, NC, for workshops there at the weekend.

It continues to delight to see new friends seeing who they really are, and old friends deepening in their appreciation of this simple truth. One new friend last night, after we had simply moved our hands from in front of us to behind our heads - in other words, watched them vanish into the Space - sat back and said "Wow! I've read about spaciousness for years, but now I actually experience it!" Another new friend - "It's so simple!" Another: "These experiments are a breakthrough!" 

An old friend, who had not done the no-head circle before was deeply moved by it - seeing all the bodies emerging out of the one Space. 

What a delight it is to share This.


Richard Lang - Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Delightful workshops in Toronto and Chatham at the weekend. About 30 people in each workshop - Toronto on Saturday, Chatham on Sunday.

Interview with Catherine Harding

Richard Lang - Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This interview is now online on youtube.

Catherine stayed overnight after the Easter Gathering in Salisbury, and in the morning we did the interview before she returned to France that afternoon.

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