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Reflections on living from Capacity

A delight to share

Richard Lang - Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lately I have been meeting more people who are seeing Who they really are, through the video hangouts. What a delight to share this one consciousness with new friends. New faces, new voices, all within this one space. New expressions, new views from 'here'. Thank you!

Russian video hangouts

Richard Lang - Friday, January 16, 2015

I have given workshops in Russia several times - in Moscow, and way over in Siberia, in Novosibirsk. Great fun. I love being in Russia. Last year I was talking with a friend, Lana, and she had the idea of giving a workshop online, using video hangouts. Yesterday I got back in touch with her and we are setting it up, starting in February. I'll be interested to see what happens!

And very recently people in the US on an online course there have got in touch. The organiser of the course recommends the experiments, so some of the participants have started to drop in to our headless hangouts. This Saturday I will be meeting with some of them in a hangout just for them. Sharing the one space with more people - what a delight.

Shadow side

Richard Lang - Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Someone asked me about 'the shadow side of oneself ...'

My response - The one in the mirror has a shadow... The one this side of the mirror has no shadow...

Seeing Who I am does not deny I have a 'shadow', or get rid of my 'shadow'. But what it does do is place that 'shadow'. I see where it is. 

It's likely that I can be more honest about Richard when I see where he is, and where he is not. (Though never totally honest... The only 'thing' that is perfectly transparent is this Transparency.)

This is deep therapy!

I AM YOU in different languages

Richard Lang - Monday, January 12, 2015


I asked friends if they would translate I AM YOU into their languages and within a day I had lots. I was touched by everyone's involvement.

Here's the result that came out of the Great Void. (Thanks for the music, Sam!)


Hangout on Air

Richard Lang - Sunday, January 11, 2015

I met again yesterday with several friends in a video hangout - a delight to be room for the conversation that unfolded. Uploaded (to YouTube). Some of the friends I have known for less than a year. Some of the friends for more than 40 years. And we're all looking out of the same Space! So are you!

I am you

Richard Lang - Thursday, January 08, 2015

The shootings at the Paris cartoon paper's building are in the news. A terrible thing. 

I hope and pray the day comes soon when our common Self is commonly acknowledged - when it is normal to be aware that we are this one Self. What a revolution it will be when the majority of us see and live from the truth that we are the space in which others live and move and have their being. Awareness of this non-verbal truth is the foundation of love. Meanwhile, i don't have to wait for the future, for others to see Who they really are. I can do my part now and bring my attention back to consciously being the One that we all are. Seeing who I really am is seeing Who everyone really is - seeing as Who everyone really is.

Suddenly all is new...

Richard Lang - Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I receive emails about Seeing every day. I am inspired by my friends! Here's one that came yesterday -

Sometimes I feel anger, pain, moodiness. Sometimes I feel fear, offended by something that someone says to me... But suddenly I realise that I am headless, that here there is nobody needing protection, here there is nobody but is full of the world, good things and bad things, all is here, all is OK. I realise that I am a stranger in a strange land, all is new every moment. Muchas gracias.  Francisco.

Letting go of resistance

Richard Lang - Tuesday, January 06, 2015

We are half-way through the current online course. We are reading Head Off Stress. Here's a comment from a participant about the idea of letting go of resistance -

"It's not a matter of letting go but "only" of seeing: seeing that I can't (and don't need to) resist my resistance and realising that I am not that resistance but the space, the openness in which this resistance occurs."

I say Yes! to this. If the 'spiritual life' were a matter of achieving letting go, who would succeed? And what would it mean? I for one would fail. But since (not if) it's a matter of attention to the way things are given, I can see anytime I like that I am empty here for resistance (or surrender) there. Resistance and surrender are the peaks and troughs of waves that continually break on the ever-open, ever-available shore of my nothingness. 

Video hangouts

Richard Lang - Monday, January 05, 2015

I am enjoying participating in the weekly video hangouts. It seems to me that the Void has decided it wants to talk with itself, about itself, more frequently, so it has invented the internet and video! - so that at the click of a button it can conjure up faces from all around the world. For an hour it chats with itself about being One and Many, then dissolves all those faces back into the great Unknown. Clever!

nothing inside us

Richard Lang - Saturday, January 03, 2015

Colin Oliver was a close friend of Douglas Harding. He has been writing poetry about our true Self since the 1960s. Over the last few years he has gone more deeply into writing haiku. I illustrated one of his recent haiku a few days ago and published it on YouTube. Also, this week, I've read two chapters from Douglas' Head Off Stress which about 60 of us are reading together on the current online course. One of the chapters reflects on detachment and engagement, and suggests that resting in the void that is unaffected by the world's suffering is only half the story. The other half is seeing that one is not separate from the world. Seeing that the world is here in the emptiness, one's heart opens. This haiku echoes this, for me.

Some of Colin's poetry 

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