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School presentation

Richard Lang - Wednesday, June 02, 2010
I gave a presentation to Bedales school last week. (26/5/10) About half an hour with about 400 students. I think I touched quite a few, and afterwards got to talk with several who were really taken with it. The teacher who organized it said that the next morning, in his sixth form class, one person was objecting to it, and another, a young girl, in response, explained it clearly and simply. He was amazed at how clearly she did this. It is amazing, and yet, this view or perspective is so simple and sensible and obvious... I think some students will value it now, but perhaps others will remember it later in their lives, and find value in it then.

I experimented reading and recording The Science of the 1st Person last weekend. It is quite an experience to read  and record a book. It is a deep study of it. This is a great book. It is very clearly written - Douglas really thought things out clearly, and wrote them down clearly. And it is a passionate book too. And the insights are so deep and health-giving. It is about forty years since Douglas wrote it, and although this view is getting accepted in the world, the world really has not yet recognized what Douglas has done. He found the Centre, the goal of religion, but he put it in thoroughly modern, science-based terms. There is nothing to believe in, all is to be tested.

Experiments on Youtube

Richard Lang - Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Last week I received the DVD  of the experiments film back from the printers, so that is now available - and of course you can also view the whole film on Youtube. I've had good feedback. So, step by step, making this simple, beautiful truth as widely available as possible.

Last weekend I experimented reading and recording Douglas Harding's book On Having No Head. It was a lot more work that I had imagined! I still have more editing to do. Then I'll see if it is good enough to turn into a 'talking book'. But it was a great experience. It's a while since I've read it, but it's a very good book. It was written in two parts. The first part was the original book, written in about 1960. It describes first Seeing, and then 'making sense of the seeing'. Integrating the experience with our understanding of life. And then there's a section on Seeing and Zen - Zen Buddhism was the first place Douglas discovered where people were really talking in a similar language - of headlessness. The second part of the book was written twenty years later, after much experience sharing Seeing, and of living it. He sets out his view of a 'path', of the stages of the Way. It is a very well considered perspective. And the book, both parts, are written with such passion. It's a great book.

Later today I'm giving a presentation to a school - there will be about 400 students there.

Workshops and Video

Richard Lang - Saturday, May 08, 2010
Last month I gave workshops in Israel and the Czech Republic. In Israel we had a one day workshop with about 30 people, (6/4/10) and then a morning workshop that came out of that (9/4/10), with about a dozen people. And then an even shorter workshop at a conference in Tel Aviv with six people (10/4/10). It was marvellous, as usual, to share this Vision with new friends. How wonderful it is to see people valuing This. (We also had a holiday - here's a film of our holiday!) In the Czech Republic I gave a two-day workshop in Prague with about 20 people. (24-25/4.10.) Again, people so receptive and warm to this message. A real delight to be doing this work!

Over the last eight months or so I've been working on a video presentation of this work, using the camera to illustrate the experiments from a first person point of view, and then exploring some of the implications and applications of what we find. I've just finished it, and sent it off to the printers, so I'm hoping to make the DVD available in about a week. I'll also put it on Youtube so that it is as widely available as possible.

Stockholm workshop

Richard Lang - Tuesday, March 23, 2010
A wonderful workshop in Stockholm last weekend. About 15 people - Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday morning. (20-21/3/10.) Mainly Swedish people, but someone drove from Norway, and someone flew from Denmark, and a Russian friend who lives in Stockholm came too.

How deeply this Seeing goes in people's lives. There were friends there who have been with the Seeing for many years, and it affects every area of their lives. And new insights are always coming to the surface. It's very encouraging to see. It's not unusual for the Seeing to facilitate profound healing in people. Sometimes this can be practically instant, in specific areas of life.

I also gave a workshop in Ghent, Belgium, Saturday 13 March. This workshop is, delightfully, becoming a regular meeting. Usually there are about 40 people who come. The previous Saturday (6/3/10) I gave a morning workshop at the Friends Meeting House in Ealing, London, organized by friends there. And the weekend of 27-28/2/10 I was in Holland. Two separate workshops, about 40 people in each, organized by friends there, Guido and Tineke. And finally, 24/1/10 I was in Munich, a day workshop there with about 15 people, organized by Patrick.

March update

Richard Lang - Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Since about October I've been working on a video about who we really are, using the camera to present many of the experiments. There is still work to do, but hopefully it won't be too long before it's available. I'll announce it when it's ready.

Since Christmas I've continued to give workshops. I was in Holland at the end of February. New friends, Guido and Tineke, organized two one-day workshops. The following weekend I did a workshop here in London. And then last weekend I was in Belgium. I feel very encouraged by the response to the workshops - people are open and receptive. I also receive emails regularly, every week, from people who have found the website, done the pointing experiment, and are now enjoying Seeing.

We also re-published The Science of the 1st Person by Douglas Harding. This is a short, superb book.

This weekend I'm in Stockholm. I'm looking forward to sharing Seeing with more people - an opportunity to see old friends again, and to make new friends.

Best wishes,

Moscow workshop

Richard Lang - Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Over the last weekend in November (28-29/11/09) I was in Moscow, giving a two day headless workshop. More than 40 people came. It was a real joy - so many lovely open people. A beautiful warm atmosphere. What a delight to share Seeing, to re-discover again the boundless place within us all, the place where we are one - one and many. Much love flows from this place.

Free workshop

Richard Lang - Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another free workshop at home this afternoon - here in London (10/10/09.) Nine of us. So good to share with others this indivisible space we are all looking out of! Of course, everyone has their own unique response to this spaciousness. That's the point - many lives flowing from this one source.

The next free workshop in London is November 7. Catherine Harding will be here, sharing her view from the space - along with the rest of us! If you want to join us, contact me - you need to book your place.

Next Sunday, Oct 18 - workshop in Leicester. Contact Mark.


Toronto workshop

Richard Lang - Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A lovely workshop in Toronto on Saturday (3/10/09.) 16 of us for the day. I made some more Seeing friends! One of the participants wrote to me today - "The effect of the "experiments" is continuing to be felt - deepening, in fact. I find that stretching my hands into the no-thing-ness behind my head is, for me, the most effective experiment of all. A miraculously simple pointer!"

We also had a great workshop in Birmingham the Sunday before. (27/9/09.) 40 people for the day, and some very warm, open responses to the experiments.

There's a free workshop in London this Saturday afternoon. (10/10/09)


Back from Greece

Richard Lang - Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We had a lovely workshop in Athens last weekend (19-29/9/09). I made lots of new headless friends! There were 25 people for the two-day workshop. We hope to do another in the spring - a long weekend on an island near to Athens. Feel like making new headless friends whilst enjoying a Greek island? Then watch this space!

My audio guide to the experiments is now out there in the world! I'll copy in a couple of comments.

I'm giving a workshop this Sunday in Birmingham, and then one in Toronto the following Saturday. Then on October 10 there's a free one here in London. Details on the workshop page.


Your audio CD is great and what a pleasure listening to that CD while I am driving!!! This CD enables me to do the experiments on a daily basis and what a difference it makes to come back to the Source more frequently!!! I am getting used to sticking with the absolute. Many thanks to Richard for making such a valuable CD available to the public. Michael.

The CD sleeve is very fine and the recording quality excellent. As, of course, is the content! It is lovely to do the experiments again. Steve.

Audio Guide to Experiments

Richard Lang - Thursday, September 10, 2009

We've just published my audio guide to the experiments - Discovering Your True Self. A do-it-yourself workshop!

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