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Richard Lang - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
On Saturday (9/10/10) I gave a workshop near Bratislava - 2 hours at a local town fair, with about 100 people. The experiments are such effective tools for sharing our One Self. Non-verbal - so it's not essentially about understanding, important and necessary as understanding is, but about experience. The experiments make this experience instantly available. And because the experiments are so clean and clear, it's easy to communicate what we are seeing when we look at the place where others see our faces... So, lots of good reactions going on in the group. I had a translator who was already aware of headlessness. 

Then we travelled three hours east to give a two day workshop at a centre for ecological awareness/teaching, in the country. A small group, but a very good workshop - non-verbal awareness of the One Self within all beings!


Richard Lang - Wednesday, October 06, 2010
What a wonderful time I had in Moscow. (Workshops: 2-3 Oct 2010) There are so many headless Seers in Moscow! It is a delight to share the View with them! Such good friends. I look forward to going back.

Whilst I was there Rada, who has translated my experiments film, 'Who Are We Really?' into Russian, helped me put the Russian subtitles in. We nearly finished it. So, that should be available soon on Youtube.

I'm back in the UK now. (6/10/10) I've put my short video, 'Stepping into the Void' back on Youtube now.

In Moscow

Richard Lang - Saturday, October 02, 2010
I'm enjoying being in Moscow for a few days. (2/10/10) Two evenings already, leading dance workshops, and spending the days with headless friends. Today and tomorrow, a headless workshop. Back to the UK on Monday.

Workshop in Germany

Richard Lang - Wednesday, September 29, 2010
On Saturday (25/9/10) I gave a day workshop in Germany. About 12 of us. I got to meet several people that I had only corresponded with before, by email. Great to put faces to names - and be face to no-face! And I made some new friends too. I stayed with Kerstin and Ulrich, who organized the workshop - friends who are really valuing awareness of their wordless source. I find it so inspiring to share at this level with people - to make friends at this level.

I returned to the UK that evening, and then made a short film the next day - Stepping Into The Void.

Now I'm off to Moscow, to meet old friends and hopefully make a few new ones.

Four Workshops

Richard Lang - Tuesday, September 14, 2010
I was in Stockholm at the weekend, staying with my good friend Olof. We had a workshop at his place on Saturday morning - ten of us. (11/9/10) A very good sharing from the Openness, as one friend called it. By chance, there were 3 other headless workshops on Saturday - in Prague, Brisbane and Perth. All pointing to this one headless Openness. Joshi led the workshop in Prague. Here is his comment - "I did with people the tube experiment for the first time, and yes they enjoyed so much. Now I can see how strong this particular experiment can be to show and let them see they are consciousness and that there is just one. I would like to thank you this way." His next workshop in Prague is on December 4.

German & Dutch subtitles

Richard Lang - Tuesday, August 24, 2010
My film is now available with German subtitles.

There's also a short clip of Douglas Harding with Dutch subtitles.

More to come!


Spanish and French subtitles

Richard Lang - Monday, August 09, 2010
The film about the experiments, 'Who Are We Really?' is now available with both Spanish and French subtitles, thanks to the work of friends.

I've also put on youtube a longer extract of Douglas talking in Melbourne in 1991.


Summer Gathering 2010

Richard Lang - Wednesday, July 28, 2010
We had a very good Summer Gathering (July 21-25) – about 40 people all aware they cannot see their own heads! and sharing their varied and changing responses to this simplest of facts.

It strikes me how egalitarian and democratic this Way is. The experience is non-verbal and utterly simple – we cannot see our own heads. Each of us has a unique response to this fact. There is no ‘right’ response – each person’s view from the Source is valid and important. And if someone finds no value in not being able to see their own head, this response is just as valid too!

Given this, the Gathering became an opportunity to explore and share the meaning and implications of this unique experience – the experience of headlessness. It was also an opportunity for singing, dancing, an opportunity to hear Alan Rowlands play classical piano each evening, for walks round the cathedral and the town, for enjoying the great food at the college. And of course, it was an opportunity to meet new people who value this experience, as well as seeing old friends again. And what an international lot we were – Dutch, Belgian, Australian, American, German, Swedish, Welsh, Irish, Danish, Hungarian, and English!

Film with Greek subtitles

Richard Lang - Tuesday, July 13, 2010
My film of the experiments, Who Are We Really?, is now online with Greek subtitles. Giannis, a good friend in Athens, translated the text.

My mission statement is to make Seeing available to as many people as possible. The Seeing itself is simple and immediate. Once you know what to look for, and where to look, there really is no difficulty. Can you see your head? Of course not. From this point on, you can then decide whether this experience and perspective is important and meaningful to you, or not. But if you don't know about this direct way Home, you don't have that choice. So, let's make this perspective widely available, so that as many people as possible have a choice.

Greek subtitles today. Other languages on their way. Anyone speak Chinese?

On Having No Head- Talking Book

Richard Lang - Tuesday, June 22, 2010
I've continued to work on On Having No Head - in terms of presenting it as a 'talking book'. Editing takes forever! However, it has meant that I have studied this book in even greater depth, and come to appreciate even more Douglas Harding's clarity, his depth of insight, his humanity. He presents the experience first, of Seeing, and is quite clear that there is no necessity to explain it. This is simply the way things are. But then he goes on to explore the implications and applications of his discovery. He immediately points two out, in terms of how the Seeing affects his relationship with others. First, there's no confrontation - face there to no face here. No confrontation! When the world takes this on, there will be singing and dancing! As he says, this is a most intimate exchange of appearances. We are each other! And secondly, he says that he must believe that what is true for him is true for everyone, that everyone is this clear, boundless, lucid void where they are. And so, this leads him to 'thinking the world' of others. Since where they are, they are capacity for the world. This, of course, is a profound view of oneself and others, full of truth and compassion. It is the highest respect for others as well as the deepest insight into their nature. I am re-inspired! And I am re-inspired by the whole book. Written fifty years ago, with basically no one around him who saw what he was talking about, it pulls no punches, is never off target. A masterpiece!

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