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Nov 6

We had a good day workshop in Oslo, October 13, organised by Eric. About 15 people. The following week I flew to Perth, where we filmed a day workshop, October 21. I'll be putting this on youtube when we've got it ready. Then I went on to California where I contributed in the Science and Non-Duality conference in San Rafael. And then on to Philadelphia for a day workshop on Nov. 4. So, it's been good to meet more people and share Seeing. For me, the social aspect of Seeing grows. On the one hand, it is seeing you are alone - the Alone. On the other hand, you see this with others, and explore this mystery with others. A delight. I have the feeling, and the hope, that this community of seers will continue to grow. One question that often comes up in a workshop is, how do you remain awake to this? Well, one way is to be around others who are valuing this. As the community of seers grows, so it gets easier to remember.

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