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Free skype video meetings

Next weekend we are organising several free skype video group
meetings open to anyone interested in the headless way (if you have
skype, webcam etc). We will do some of the experiments and explore
how the headless experience works out in everyday life etc. Each
session will be one hour and to join you will need to book your
place. If you are interested, get in touch with me at

I will be present at each meeting, and will be joined by friends
already living the headless way. One consciousness, many voices!

The times of these meetings are below and are all London, UK, time
- so please calculate for yourself the time in your country...

The meetings will be:
Friday 2pm (Sept 7th)
Saturday 3pm (Sept 8th)
Saturday 4:30pm (Sept 8th)
Sunday 9am (Sept 9th)
Sunday 5pm (Sept 9th)

There will be a limit of 10 people for each session. If there are
more people wanting to join than there are places, we can set up a
few more meetings.

(A growing group of friends have been meeting together on skype
each week for about two years and we find it a wonderful way of
connecting up with others living consciously from who they really

I hope to meet you there, face to no-face!

Any questions, get in touch.

Warm regards,
Richard Lang

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