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A selection of pointers Home in the form of first person point of view images. Click on thumbnails below to enlarge.

These images can all help you notice what you're actually looking out of as opposed to what you might think you are. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images.
Click here to submit your own first person image(s). If appropriate, we will show them here.


First Person Photographs by Maggs Vibo (click here) 

First Person Photographs by other friends:

Photo by Adam PearsonBaby Eating -- Photo by Colin FoxBrushing Teeth -- Photo by Richard Lang
Cat by Byron VarvarigosBy Jose Celestino Del Valle Garcia
Cookie Connection by Fanchon ClarkCooking by Richard LangDrinking Coffee -- Photo by Richard Lang
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By MiriamFirst person by Edward ShepherdPeeling potatoes by Edward ShepherdPeeling potatoes by Victor Lunn-Rockliffe
Brushing teeth by Edward ShepherdStanding--Drawing by Bryan NuttalMirror Drawing--Drawing by Bryan Nuttalby David McRae
Walking--Drawing by Douglas HardingReclining--Drawing by Ernst MachFace in the Bowl --Painting by Victor Lunn-Rockliffe

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