Here are links to some other sites that may inspire and assist you.

Vision Sans Tete
A website in French devoted to sharing the Headless Way.

Volte & Espace
French site created by Jean-Marc Thiabaud detailing his workshops based on headless experiments. 

Headless Café
A website in Dutch and English by Karin Visser to help share the Headless experiments and approach.

If you want to discover the Treasure within you and know the Truth that ends mind-made suffering, maybe this site can help.

Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition, but excludes none. His profound yet simple and practical teachings have helped thousands of people find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives.

Adyashanti dares all seekers of peace and freedom to take the possibility of liberation in this life seriously.

"If you imagine yourself to be located in a body, then you will move that body from place to place, searching for this treasure of nectar. But, if you will stop all searching right now and tell the truth to yourself, you will know what is known in the core of your bones. You will know what these great beings knew and attempted to describe. You will know it with no image of it, no concept of it, no thought of it. You will know it as that which has eternally been here. And you will know it as yourself."

Non-Duality America
This site is devoted to celebrating the message of nonduality and bringing it to a wider audience. 

The Voice for Love. Our website teaches a process for helping people directly experience the truth of who they are.

Byron Katie
The Work of Byron Katie is a radical approach that doesn't have any answers - it has something better - the questions. People who use The Work experience extraordinary and lasting impact on their daily lives.

A. H. Almaas
The Diamond Approach represents a new paradigm in human/spiritual knowledge and understanding. It is not a synthesis of existing knowledge, but rather a new, more integrated understanding of the entire human psyche, ego, personality, soul and the psyche's relationship with its fundamental nature.

NeverNotHere | Richard Miller
Webcast interviews sharing the awakened life. 

Volte & Espace
French site created by Jean-Marc Thiabaud detailing his workshops based on headless experiments.

Closer Than Close - 80min DVD
A Portrait of Seeking and Finding Our True Self. 

Seeing from Beingwebsite of Tara-Divina Brown.

Satsang is offered by Nirmala as a celebration of the possibility, in every moment, of recognizing the truth of who we are.

Awakening to the Dream
Awakening To The Dream is a book about you. It points to and from the source of your true identity. The clear seeing that it refers to is neither complex nor simple. It is not something exclusive for an intellectual or spiritual elite, nor is it remote or hiding in the future. It is all inclusive, pure presence, closer than your breath. It is the heart of hearts, your birthright and innermost Self. This is your invitation to re-member what was never really forgotten.

Ramana Maharshi
Here you will find complete information about Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Many of the books published by Sri Ramanasramam are available for free download in PDF format from the 'downloads' page. There are articles, newsletters, the 'Mountain Path' Journal, accommodation and travel information, hundreds of photographs, video clips, diaries and news updates. A guestbook is soon to be added to this site, plus much more.

Nisargadatta Maharaj
"The profound yet simple words of this extraordinary teacher are designed to jolt us into awareness of our original nature. Like the Zen masters of old, Nisargadatta's style is abrupt, provocative, and immensely profound--cutting to the core and wasting little effort on inessentials. His terse but potent sayings are known for their ability to trigger shifts in consciousness, just by hearing, or even reading them." Robert Powell

Richard Rose
He is often referred to as a Zen master by the people who knew him, but he did not expound traditional Zen or any other traditional teaching. What he taught was unique because it sprang from his direct personal experience of Truth.

Self Discovery Portal
What's behind the sense of "I am"? Who's living, and who's facing death? Who or what am I, essentially? Throughout history occasional individuals have told of finding the answer to those questions, and their testimonies often have a surprising consistency. For individuals seeking to find the answer for themselves, those testimonies provide helpful clues for pursuing the search to a successful conclusion.

George Schloss
A series of letters and essays which explore the consequences of taking seriously Douglas Harding's prescription, "To realize this instantaneous Now, to live in the present moment, taking no thought for to-morrow or yesterday - must be my first concern. And my second must be to find in this Now all my to-morrows and yesterdays" and how, as a consequence of coming to grips with these injunctions, the experience of the experiments is integrated with their meaning. Once in Capacitie Go to 'Schloss' in the menu on the left.
Schloss's essays and letters dealing with the significance and consequences of "headlessness" have been combined in two books published in February 2008 under the title The Language of Silence - Volume 1-Essays and Volume 2-Letters. Pending wider distribution, they can be previewed or downloaded at

Stillness Speaks
This website "collects and distributes the teachings of authentic self-realized Western Teachers and points to information valuable to Truth lovers everywhere."

Clarity Project. Nishkam Koch.

Richard Sylvester. "My website is about 'radical' nonduality and includes extracts from my books and some interviews."

Maneesha James -- A site about meditation, death and dying

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