Here are links to some other sites that may inspire and assist you.

Vision Sans Tete
A website in French devoted to sharing the Headless Way.

Volte & Espace
French site created by Jean-Marc Thiabaud, sharing the headless way. 

Headless Café
A website in Dutch and English by Karin Visser to help share the Headless experiments and approach.

(Pete Sumner)

Eckhart Tolle



Non-Duality America
Devoted to celebrating the message of nonduality and bringing it to a wider audience. 

Byron Katie
The Work of Byron Katie.

A. H. Almaas
The Diamond Approach.

NeverNotHere | Richard Miller
Webcast interviews sharing the awakened life. 

Poetry in Motion
A Portrait of Seeking and Finding Our True Self. 

Seeing from Beingwebsite of Tara-Divina Brown.


Ramana Maharshi
Here you will find complete information about Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. 

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Richard Rose

Self Discovery Portal

George Schloss
A series of letters and essays which explore the consequences of taking seriously Douglas Harding's prescription. Pending wider distribution, they can be previewed or downloaded here


Stillness Speaks
This website "collects and distributes the teachings of authentic self-realized Western Teachers and points to information valuable to Truth lovers everywhere."

Clarity Project. Nishkam Koch.

Richard Sylvester. "My website is about 'radical' non duality."

Maneesha James -- A site about meditation, death and dying

Philosophy Of Enjoyment (blog)  

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